Preemie Proud Red Book Stickers

Acting as a visible reminder, our Smallest Things Preemie Proud stickers can be used to alert health care professionals to a babies NICU history.

Used to personalise a baby’s red books, parents can choose from a series of stickers found in a dedicated sticker pack.

The stickers are designed to –

  • Raise awareness of premature birth
  • Prompt a conversation between health professional and parent about their neonatal care journey
  • Engage health professionals in learning more about the realities of neonatal care
  • Highlight the extra support parents of premature babies may need
  • Increase awareness that parents following neonatal intensive care are at greater risk of developing postnatal depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • Offer a gentle reminder to use a babies corrected age when plotting their weight on a growth chart
  • … and to show everyone how amazing our tiny babies are!

Please ask your neonatal unit if they provide Preemie Proud sticker packs when you are given your Red Book.

Smallest Things

The Red Book Preemie Proud Stickers are designed and produced by preemie mum and Founder of The Smallest Things, Catriona Ogilvy.

The initiative has been funded through Crowdfunding donations; and to reach our goal of seeing stickers available for all parents following neonatal intensive care we will continue to ask for small donations in order to cover the cost of production.

Suggested Donations:

  • 1 sticker pack = £3
  • 10 sticker packs = £12.50
  • 25 sticker packs = £32
  • 60 sticker packs = £62
  • 150 sticker packs = £142

What if…. my Neonatal Unit does’t provide Preemie Proud Stickers on discharge home?

  • Ask your unit to provide stickers for all parents by getting in contact with Catriona at The Smallest Things e.

What if…. I’m already home and I’d like a pack?

  • Sticker Packs can be provided on an individual basis, however we do ask for a small donation of £3 to cover costs.
  • Contact Catriona at e. for more details.

I’m a health care professional…. how can I get sticker packs for the parents and babies I support? 

  • Multiple packs of stickers can be ordered from Catriona at The Smallest Things | Please see above with regards to suggested donations.