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Baby Loss Awareness Week – #BreakTheSilence

Each year the 9-15 October is Baby Loss Awareness Week, a time to remember all the babies who died during pregnancy, at, during or after birth. The week provides an opportunity for people to talk openly about baby loss, a subject that for many still remains a taboo, and helps to raise awareness of loss during or after pregnancy.

The Smallest Things, supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week, will be sharing stories, pictures and the words of bereaved parents; remembering all babies gone too soon, offering hope to others and celebrating short lives.


We will be taking part in a global ‘Wave of Light’ at the end of the week and ask you to join with us, and thousands of other families across the world, to light a candle at 7pm and leave it burning for at least one hour – Saturday 15 October.

You can be part of a digital “Wave of Light” too. Simply take a photo of your candle burning brightly and post it to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at 7pm using the hashtag #WaveOfLight.

Together, and across the world, we will remember them; brothers, sisters, daughters, sons  – babies who have died too soon.