Remembering Eva: Babyloss Awareness Week and Wave of Light 2017

On Sunday evening, at 7pm, thousands of candles will be lit around the world to remember all the babies who have died. As Babyloss Awareness Week culminates in the Global Wave of Light, bereaved parents, friends and family come together to remember. Each flickering flame represents a tiny soul no longer here, a story of hope that ended in pain, a life not lived, enduring love translated as grief.

Eva Sophia Boyle

Eva Sophia Boyle

My own flickering flame will burn in memory of Eva, my daughter who died on 23 February 2012 aged six months following surgical complications and 197 long days in NICU. There will always be one missing from my family and there are days when living without watching Eva grow up feels like a life sentence. But I must go on. For my living children, and for Eva. She didn’t get a chance at life so I owe it to her to live mine to the full and to seek out the joy.

Ways to remember
For us bereaved parents, remembering our babies is all we have. So we find ways to commemorate our babies, to make sure their memories live on. We let off balloons on anniversaries, engrave plaques and pebbles, stitch quilts, hang stars on trees, make cakes, tell others, share stories, write blogs and light candles.

And it helps. It has helped me. Eva has inspired me to climb mountains, raise funds, start running, become a befriender, speak out and try to improve care. She’s doing amazing things despite not being here. Eva has introduced me to a wonderful, supportive community of similarly heartbroken parents. There is comfort in coming together with others who have lost babies. It’s a club nobody wants to join but when you find yourself sleepwalking through its doors, you’re so grateful it’s not empty and you’re not alone.

So on Sunday I invite you to light a candle at 7pm and let it burn for an hour, in memory of all the lost babies and also to show hurting parents they’re not alone. Please share your photos and tell us the names of babies you’re remembering.

Eva Sophia Boyle, this blog is for you.


Eva’s sisters, Iris & Charlotte #WaveofLight

This post is also dedicated to Gia, Noah, Seamus, Laura, Charlie & Joshua, Heidi, Abigail, Bobby & Ryan, Sam, Jacob & George, Ethan and all the babies gone too soon. Always loved, always remembered.


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Written by Sarah Miles


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