Premature Birth Education Survey

The Smallest Things will be publishing our “Life After Neontal Care” Report in the coming weeks. We would like to find out a little more about the ongoing needs of children born premature and any addiational support they may require at school.

All repsonses are sumbmitted anonomously and results will be shared as part of The Smallest Things “Life After Neonatal Care” Report due to be published on the 11th May 2017.

Do you have a child born premature in school? Then take our poll!

6 thoughts on “Premature Birth Education Survey

  1. Lisa Jane Bainbridge

    My son was born 11 wks premature. Born in the wrong school year. He has an EHCPLAN. We delayed entry he started reception aged 5 . Compulsory school age and with his peers he would have been if born on his due date.


  2. Julie owen

    My child is now 13, in mainstream school, was born at 34 weeks, he has Asperger, hyper mobility and dyspraxia.


  3. Jo

    My daughter is not sen but is certainly struggling she should have been September baby. She came in may so is in effect the year above and is struggling


  4. Lisa Laverty

    My son was 26 weeks and 520g. Initially when he started school I had to fight for an Individual Education Plan. He was only just dry, and young in his year. I would say the first couple of years at school were hard for him, and I always had to fight his corner a wee bit so that he progressed. As he’s got older, he’s excelled and now set to do very well with his SATS.



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