Premature Babies Recognised in Parenting Blog Awards

What an exciting way to start 2017 – The Smallest Things is down to the final 8 in the UK Blogging Awards, recognised in the parenting category!

Alongside parenting blogs The Smallest Things stands out as being different, or as I like to say – unique! Parents of premature babies face very different challenges and their journey into parenthood could almost be described as extreme. 

My baby was eight weeks old when I  brought him home from hospital. I’d been a mother for two months and yet I’d struggled to become a mum to my tiny baby as he remained in neonatal intensive care. I waited 6 long days to be able to hold him for the first time and I was filled with fear. Lines and wires tangled around his limbs and his ventilator mask obscured his face. As I held him in my arms monitors flashed red and alarm bells rang – this was a very ‘unique’ introduction to parenting. 

Writing as part of The Smallest Things blog I have described a journey that does not end when you leave the NICU doors. The memories of neonatal intensive care do fade over time, but the needs of a baby born too soon often continue and the traumatic start to parenthood shapes who you are as a parent. 

This difficult start and the ongoing journey is one thousands of parents will embark on each year – and yet parenting after premature birth is seldom spoken about. 

The Smallest Things has been trying to change that, which is why it is so fantastic to see this website recognised alongside other parenting blogs in the 2017 Blogging Awards. 
Thank you to everyone who voted for the site and we look forward to celebrating with the other parenting finalists later in the year. 

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