Finalist! Mumsnet Best Campaigner Award

I am so proud that The Smallest Things has made it down to the final three, alongside Are You Kiddingney? and  Five Little Doves, in the blogging Mumsnet best campaigner awards.

And that is thanks to you.

Everyone who has followed the campaign to raise awareness of the premature birth and beyond and everyone who voted for my blog to reach the finals! It truly is humbling to think that people have voted for The Smallest Things, particularly when as a campaigner I was listed among so many other outstanding women. Thank you.

For The Smallest Things, a blog which has just celebrated is second birthday, to be considered for this award is a fantastic recognition of the campaign so far; raising awareness of life beyond the neonatal unit, highlighting the mental health needs of parents following premature birth and addressing the need to extend parental leave for mothers of babies born too soon.

Sharing our Stories

In recent weeks, The Smallest Things and in particular the petition to extend parental leave, has received local and national press coverage. The knock on affect, apart from of course the fantastic publicity for the campaign, has been that many mothers and fathers have got in touch to share their own stories. As a site, my own story was intended to shine a light on the hidden world of neonatal intensive care and its never ending journey; but it has become much more than that. I still remember the host of conflicting emotions that I felt after bringing my first son home from hospital. I was lost and displaying all the signs that I now know are totally normal for a NICU mum.

At one of my darkest times, I stumbled across another mums website –Not Even a Bag of Sugar. It gave me hope. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t crazy… everything started to make a bit more sense.

A Finalist!

…and as for the Award – wow, how amazing would that be!?

But right now, even with 100,000 signatures and off to Parliament next week, if just one mum stumbles across The Smallest Things tonight and like me discovers that she is not alone, then I know I am making The Smallest Things matter.

Catriona x


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