Longer mat leave for preemie mums: 5 Reasons why!

With MPs returning to parliament today, here is a reminder of what we are campaigning for….
5 reasons to extend maternity leave for mothers of babies born too soon – have you contacted your member of parliament and shared your story?

The Smallest Things

Not many people know – if your baby is born too soon your maternity leaves begins the very next day. For many mothers this is weeks, often months before they bring their baby home from hospital – weeks, often months before their planned due date.

The Smallest Things believe that maternity leave should be extended for mothers of very premature babies – here are just five of the reasons why we think you should support this change too!

1. Financial – Be it travel, parking, accommodation, extra childcare or meals, the cost of having a premature baby in neonatal care soon adds up. Latest figures suggest that on average parents of premature babies spend an extra £2,256 over the course of their hospital stay. In addition there is little financial support for parents whose babies have been born too soon. For example, you cannot apply for the disability living allowance…

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2 thoughts on “Longer mat leave for preemie mums: 5 Reasons why!

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief

    The rules surrounding returning to your post should also be relaxed. If I returned to work at 26 weeks to ensure I return to exactly the same position, he will only be 4 months old age corrected. I can’t contemplate that so will have to wait to return and will quite likely lose some hard fought for responsibility and as a result will be financially worse off.


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