Fair parking charges for parents of premature babies!



untitled (4)I’ve taken action!

I’ve written to two hospital chief executives today, one from each of the hospitals where my boys have spent a total of 10 weeks in neonatal care.

My family have spent hundreds of pounds on hospital parking to be with our babies in NICU, other parents have gone through the same and this is backed up by evidence from Bliss and their “It’s not a game” report.


I do not believe that parents are visitors to the hospital; after all, visiting hours do not apply to them. They are mum and dad, offering vital care for their new born.

I do not believe that a mother should have to pay to park to feed her fragile baby in hospital or to deliver her expressed breast milk.

I do not believe a dad should have to worry about mounting parking fees, deciding whether he can spend another hour waiting for that precious skin-to-skin time.

Parents of premature babies are integral to their child’s care, and with the already very real and high cost of having a baby in hospital, reducing or scrapping parking fees for parents in NICU could make a real difference.

You can read my letters on the links below. You may even want to copy them to send to your local chief exec – take action today!


Croydon University Hospital – Parking Charges Letter

Kings College Hospital – Parking Charges Letter

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