Love & hope at Christmas time

10882257_1525508937705599_5809473278853052459_nThank you to everyone who shared pictures of their Christmas NICU over the weekend. Your pictures have been shared far and wide helping to raise awareness reaching a larger audience. Do join us on our Facebook page for all the latest news and converstation if you haven’t already done so.

7,000 babies will spend the festive season in neonatal care this year, and we thank the fabulous NHS staff who will take time away from their own families to look after babies born too soon and their parents. Whilst giving thanks we also remember the families who have lost babies born too soon and for whom Christmas may bring added anguish.

We have written before about how to support parents of prem babies in hospital, and our Top Ten list is as important as ever this holiday season. Premmie Babies 101 also have a great article on Including a Sibling in a NICU stay as parents find themselves torn between caring for a child in hospital and a child at home.

Whether you are spending the time in NICU, remembering a loved one or celebrating your Christmas miracle, The Smallest Things wishes you love and hope at Christmas time.

____________12 days of NICU




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