Still so small – Why extending maternity leave matters

1st picLast week the Smallest Things published a post about extending maternity leave for mothers of babies born too soon. This has been our most popular post to date, by a long way. It is clearly an issue that not only matters to people, but is an issue that sticks in parent’s minds even years later. It resonates because of the precious time lost with your baby. It resonates because of having to return to work when your baby is still so small. It resonates because you are only just finding your feet as a mother or are still caring for a sick child when work come calling. It resonates because when all is quiet around you, you can still hear the sounds of monitors and the air in the breathing tubes – the memories of NICU fade in time, but for mothers returning to work the feelings are still strong and very real.

smallest thingsThere are economic and emotional arguments as to why maternity leave should be extended for mothers of premature babies. Both are compelling, but it is the emotional argument and the emotional pull for parents of premature babies that will help frame the discussion.

If you have a story to tell about returning to work after a premature baby or would like to share your thoughts then please do get in touch at

If you agree that parental leave should be extended for mothers of babies born too soon, please sign and share our petition – SIGN NOW!

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