Nothing can quite prepare you for parenthood, but for parents of premature babies the planning and expectation of a new arrival is dramatically interrupted.

When my first son was born 10 weeks early we were thrown into a world of micro-nappies, beeping machines, alarms, breathing tubes, feeding tubes, expressing pumps, portholes, picc lines and rigorous hand washing.

As an occupational therapist in the NHS I had worked in a large neonatal intensive care unit; I was used to handling tiny babies, their tubes, lines and machines, but as a parent I was lost in a bizarre medical word where we would wait day after day to hold our baby.

Whether you are a parent, healthcare professional or know someone with a premature baby, I hope you find this site useful and I invite you to support the campaign to;

  • Raise awareness and understanding around premature birth
  • Support the BLISS campaign to extend maternity leave and statuary maternity pay for parents of premature babies
  • Campaign for better follow-up care for parents
  • Provide advice for family and friends

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